Welcome to World History.  In this course, we will seek an understanding of the history of the world.  Our goals will be to better appreciate the relevance of the past in our own lives and to learn about ourselves.  Our study will be focused on the major civilizations in the world. In addition to learning the said content, we will also seek to improve critical and analytical thinking skills.

Economics: Students will deepen their understanding of the economic problems and institutions of the nation and world. They should learn to make reasoned decisions on economic issues as future citizens, workers, consumers, and business people. Students will master fundamental economic concepts, applying the tools such as graphs, statistics & equations from other subject areas to the understanding of operations and institutions of economic systems. Studied in a historic context are the basic economic principles of microeconomics and macroeconomics, international economics, consumer economic systems, measurement, and methods.


Capital Hill at Sunset

Government: This course will focus on the various institutions, groups, beliefs, and ideas that constitute United States politics. Students will gain an analytical perspective on government and politics in the United States both by studying the general concepts used to interpret U. S. politics and by analyzing specific examples. Students will learn how to analyze and interpret basic data relevant to U. S. government and politics and will be involved in simulations and projects that bring the aforementioned to light in a realistic manner.