Course Description: Freshmen Physics is a physical science course specifically for 9th grade students with a strong mathematical background beginning their high school science curriculum. Using physics as a unifying theme, topics will integrate a wide range of disciplines, both within and outside the “standard” science arena. An opportunity to relate scientific concepts and principles to the everyday happenings of life and to other disciplines through examples and activities demonstrating these inter-relationships.

Earth and Space Science is a course focusing on the study of the Earth’s lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and its celestial environment. Students enrolled in this course analyze and describe Earth’s interconnected systems and how they are changing due to natural processes and human influence. Topics covered include rocks, minerals, natural resource management, sculpturing of Earth’s surface, plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, geologic history, the atmosphere, weather, climate, history of astronomy, the solar system, stars, and galaxies.

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In Biology I students are introduced to fundamental biological concepts through studying topics related to their daily lives.  During the first semester these topics include characteristics of living things, basics of biochemistry, molecular interactions, cellular patterns and processes, genetics, and the basics of heredity.  Students will be able to apply their knowledge to current events and topical information.  Laboratory activities will help students apply their knowledge and develop their skills in microscope use, measurement techniques, and laboratory safety.  Students will continue to expand their application of the scientific method.  Course includes weekly formal assessments.

The second semester of Biology I is a continuation of the first semester.  Additional topics explored include:  evolutionary patterns and processes, ecological relationships, anatomy and physiology, environmentalism.  Students continue to develop their laboratory skills through dissections of various specimens during this semester

In this course the students will meet Arizona State Science Standards and learn the most basic ideas of chemistry with emphasis on reaction chemistry such as matter, atomic structure, ionic bonds and covaInent compounds. Chemical properties and physical properties of the elements from the periodic table are explained. In depth exploration of basic chemistry includes the prediction of element properties, the interaction between energy and matter. The kinetic theory and properties of gases are also studied. Acids, bases, water solutions, and acid-base reactions are covered. Redox systems and their applications are explained. Electrochemistry , biochemistry, and organic chemistry basics are studied. Energy, chemical reactions, entropy, calorimetry, and nuclear chemistry basics are explained.