Students will walk through the design and build a mobile robot to play a sport-like game.  During this process, they will learn key STEM principles and robotics concepts.  At the culmination of this class, they will compete head-to-head against their peers in the classroom and at AIA competitions.


Students in this course will be responsible for producing the High School Yearbook.  Students will gain 21st Century Skills in a business environment through planning, production and distribution of the yearbook.  In addition to the yearbook, this class creates a weekly student body newsletter.


This class is an introduction to creating and producing the news through film. You will learn the basics of storytelling and news production with technology. Projects and responsibilities will include introduction to the technology needed for basic broadcasts, interview skills, making commercials, and creating news broadcasts. You must be willing to work with a team!


This course teaches students to use Microsoft Office and Google Docs efficiently and effectively which will help them not only in high school but also in college and your career of choice. Additionally, students will learn to use many beneficial online applications.